The “How-To’s” of Reducing Overtime with GPS Fleet Management

Reducing fleet expenses in today’s competitive business environment is critical in contributing to a service or distribution company’s profit building efforts. Employee overtime, in fleet related work activities, is an expense that may be reduced substantially using the tools available in the Teluware GPS fleet management system. Here are some tips on using the system to help reduce unnecessary overtime and improve your “bottom-line”-

  • Use the Find Closest Vehicle feature to dispatch fleet vehicles closest to the most recent service call.
  • Use the Driver/Dispatch system to send routes with turn-by-turn directions to your drivers heading to customer locations and eliminate the possibility of your drivers getting lost.
  • Setup alerts for Extended Stops or Extended Idle Time to monitor efficient travel times to and from service calls.
  • Review Real-Time Traffic Maps to reroute drivers around congestion or validate actual claims of extended travel times due to traffic delays.
  • Check Vehicle Activity Reports to ensure route compliance.
  • Use the Mobile TimeCard System to validate on and off duty entries and their accuracy.

These tips will help you to get a handle on your employee activity in the field allowing you to decrease delays related to traffic problems and off-route activity – which when left unattended can add increased costs that will degrade the profitability of your fleet.

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