Using GPS Sensors To Decrease Fleet Losses in the Towing Industry

Ever wonder if your tow hook is in operation without dispatch approval in your tow truck fleet? The Reltima SmartAntenna GPS tracking device is equipped with a sensor that can transmit this important operational data back to our servers for dissemination into your account. The sensor wire can be connected to a PTO light which upon activation can send an alert to your mobile phone or email to let you know of this activity. Our system also assigns a  date and time stamp for each PTO engagement and sends this data for display in several reports for your review. You can see exactly when and where the tow hook became engaged and when a vehicle was picked up and dropped. These metrics can be matched with dispatch reports to ensure that all tows are authorized and completed within the guidelines of your company rules.

In addition, a system user can utilize the Reltima idle sensor to monitor instances of idling and whether they are excessive or not. An hour of idling is equivalent to a gallon of fuel. These habits can be recognized early and managed properly so as to reduce these instances and decrease fuel expenses. Many of our existing customers have realized fuel expense reductions in the 10 – 30% range.

If you have any questions as to how a Reltima GPS fleet tracking system can reduce your fleet expenses and increase your profit please call us for more information at 781-569-2051.

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