Reltima Routing Tools Help Reduce Mobile Call Response Time

Improving mobile call response times are essential to reducing your fleet expenses and building a better customer service reputation. Without adequate mapping and routing tools sending your mobile tech to their next job may amount to little more than throwing a dart at a dart board.  Finding the nearest vehicle to a new call can be a time consuming process if a GPS tracking system is not in place. If a mobile employee gets lost on the way to a call this results in increased operational expenses in the form of additional fuel for the longer trip, extended wear and tear on the vehicle’s power train and increased man hours needed for the extra time to find the customer location. Reltima gives you the following tools to optimize your fleet dispatch operations – resulting in lower overhead and increased fleet profitability:

  • Find Closest Vehicle FeatureThis feature gives a user the ability to enter a new address in the system and see which company vehicle is closest to that address. This eliminates the need to spend extra time calling mobile employees individually to see who is nearest to the address.
  • Driver/Dispatch Routing Our Driver/Dispatch system allows a dispatcher to send a route of stops or a single stop to a Garmin navigation device located in the vehicle. This information appears on the screen and when acknowledged by the driver gives turn-by-turn directions to each stop on the route. The dispatcher may then use the dispatch progress function to track the driver as he/she moves through the list of stops. This feature ensures that your mobile employees will not get lost – thereby reducing the average travel time to a new call.
  • AlertsThe Teluware GPS Fleet Tracking system from Reltima also gives a user the ability to receive alerts based on specific vehicle triggered events such as Saved Location Entry/Exit and Extended Stop or Idle time. These tools allow you to manage a driver’s progress though a route in a more timely manner. If an alert is received for an Extended Stop a user may then call the driver to see what the hold up is and what corrective action needs to be taken. If a Saved Location Entry Alert is received it may signal unauthorized driver activity that may take time away from completing the route on time. Using these alerts has resulted in substantial reductions in call response time for our existing customers.
  • Google TrafficBy using real-time Google traffic the Teluware GPS Fleet Management System gives a dispatcher the ability to re-route vehicles around traffic congestion points and alert drivers to traffic problems so that potential delays can be minimized.

Using these tools can go a long way in improving call response times and in helping build increased customer satisfaction in the competitive marketplace. For more information visit us on the web at or call us at 781-569-2051.

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