Guiliano Carting Sees Substanial Decrease in Fleet Expenses With GPS Tracking From Reltima

Mike Guiliano of Guiliano Carting in Sayerville, NJ had a problem that is all too common in the trash collection and hauling industry. How does a manager reroute a truck in near real-time and get accurate directions to a driver as he/she works throughout the day? Mike enlisted the aid of Teluware, LLC – a registered Reltima dealer – to provide a GPS tracking solution that will accurately locate his trucks, provide essential reports to make critical management decisions but most importantly interface with a Garmin navigation device to send existing and new route stops to the driver while displaying turn-by-turn directions. After a critical success factor analysis it was suggested that Guiliano pilot the Reltima Driver/Dispatch System – a real-time tracking and fleet management application with integrated routing and dispatch. After testing the system and its performance Guiliano decided to outfit his fleet of 13 trucks with the Driver/Dispatch System and has been extremely satisfied ever since.

We were extremely interested in a GPS tracking system with integrated routing and dispatch but until now had not found a suitable vendor that could work with our Garmin navigation devices.” stated Guiliano. “The ability to have my dispatcher keep trucks off of restricted roads is really helpful and now we can send directions to new employees who don’t know the area – which cuts down on time spent searching for addresses.” Mike also emphasized that it was Reltima’s ability to work in tandem with the Garmin fleet management application that enabled him to be comfortable going forward with the project. “We knew Garmin was a reputable name in the industry and that gave us the assurance we needed to know that the technology would work to our specifications.”

The Reltima Driver/Dispatch system with Garmin navigation interface has gone a long way in decreasing Guiliano’s fleet expenses. “With less time spent looking for addresses our drivers complete their routes faster and this cuts down on payroll. It also eliminates the need to constantly talk on the phone in order to give directions to the driver. Using the system has made things easier for everyone involved. The bottom line is that we have reduced our expenses and look to save even more as we continue to use the system.” For more info on this and other Reltima GPS Fleet Management Systems please visit us on the web at or call us at 781-569-2051.

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