Using GPS-Based Vehicle Maintenance Planning Helps To Extend The Life Of Your Trucks

Planning and tracking vehicle maintenance services has always been the proverbial “thorn in the side” of business owners and fleet managers at all levels of the transportation spectrum. Relying on the input of vehicle mileage or engine hours of operation from drivers or mobile technicians has proven to be extremely unreliable as they normally get distracted by the functions of their day-to-day duties – resulting in the late reporting or even total loss of these metrics. Missed oil changes and tune-ups, untimely tire rotations and poor inspection practices can invariably lead to diminished operational capacity and reduced vehicle life. This can get very expensive as the cost to perform more costly repairs related to poor service planning and the need to replace vehicles earlier than normal begin to escalate.

Using the Reltima maintenance planning module, housed in the Teluware GPS Fleet Management application, will allow a user to schedule maintenance service points such as oil changes, tire rotations, engine/brake inspections and other user-defined services so that they are completed on time – thereby improving the operation of your fleet vehicles and decreasing the need for more costly repairs. Additionally the system will automatically count the miles between service points and update you as to the timeliness of the upcoming service. This eliminates the need to ask your drivers to submit mileage and travel logs to keep track of the distance to the next oil change or other service due. This valuable system tool will also send early warning messages, via email or text message, to alert personnel that the service will be coming due at a date or time in the future.

Think of what it would it would be like to have a maintenance planning system that tells you whenever your fleet vehicles need service. Reducing the occurrence of missed oil changes and tune-ups will go a long way in ensuring that a company’s vehicles will last longer. And the improved mechanical upkeep of the fleet will contribute to the process of getting your drivers and equipment to and from each customer location in a timely fashion – while increasing the safety of the trip to the highest degree.

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