Use Fleet MD Engine Diagnostics to Find Vehicle Powertrain Problems

We would like your input on a new device we have that can send engine diagnostic/fault codes and inspection pass/fail status from your trucks back to your PC over a wireless network. Read on for more details . . .

Discovering potential engine problems before bringing your fleet vehicles to the shop can prove to be a great cost saver when managing engine repairs. Using Reltima’s Fleet MD diagnostic module can enable a user to see critical data pertaining to engine performance and can arm managers with the knowledge needed to point an automotive technician to the problem – right away. This can drastically reduce repair costs related to diagnostic processes performed at the shop. Reltima uses a special plug-in that connects to the SmartAntenna tracking device and then plugs into the vehicle’s OBD II computer. Any engine diagnostic/fault codes or inspection pass/fail status changes that are triggered are sent to a report module in our Teluware fleet tracking system where they can be reviewed in several detailed reports. These metrics can help you to make engine repairs faster and allow a user to know what the problem may be before going in for repairs.

Our questions to you are – Is this a system you would find useful in your efforts to manage your fleet? If so would you be interested in piloting a version of this system at no charge to you in one of your trucks? If not, what would you like to see in a system like this to make it more useful to you? Please post your thoughts here or feel free to call me – Don Lewis at 617-842-4811.

For more info on this and other Reltima products and systems visit us on the web at

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