Teluware GPS Fleet Management System User Tips

Using your Teluware GPS fleet tracking system to its fullest potential can help to reduce fleet expenses by as much as 30% per month. The following tips may be helpful if you are currently using the system and looking to find alternative ways to increase your fleet efficiency.

  • Use “Manage Email Reports” – Using this feature will save you the time and effort of running reports on a recurring basis. If your payroll is processed on Tuesday (with Wednesday as payday) and you normally run the Begin/End Day report to check the start and finish times of each mobile employee simply use the “Manage Email Reports” function to have the report sent to your inbox automatically. Simply open the report you would like to have emailed, then click the “Manage Email Reports” button, then click “New” and then select the parameters for this report. You may select the number of prior days, weeks or months you would like to see data for and you can then select the day/time you would like to receive this report. Then click save. Using this feature ensures that you receive your data in a timely fashion and also eliminates the need for you to remember to run the report.
  • Query Entry & Exit Points of Multiple Saved Locations Using Location Retrospective Report – Using this report allows you to see entry and exit activity to multiple saved locations at the same time. To do this select the Location Retrospective Report then in the filters box on the left click the locations you wish to see the activity from. You may query as many location entries as you like and they will be displayed in the report.
  • Use The Fleet Summary Report to Check Average Idle and Stop Times – Using this report will give you the data you need to see if you are reducing idle times (which can slash fuel expenses) and decreasing average stop times (which can reduce man hours spent in the field and the associated payroll). Monitoring these metrics will help you to perform the appropriate action in managing this behavior. Some of our existing clients have enacted reward programs for their fleet’s lowest monthly idle times which have resulted in quantifiable reductions in fuel expenses.
  • Use The Maintenance Module’s Early Warning Service Alerts – This an under-utilized tool in our system that allows you to receive multiple early warning alerts for vehicle service due. When adding a new service in the Maintenance module simply use the scheduling tool to receive email alerts for upcoming services due. These alerts can be timed to be sent at specified intervals preceding the actual service for metrics such as x number of miles, days or engine hours. Maintenance performed in a timely fashion goes a long way in helping to increase the road-life of your vehicle.

Using these features will help to improve your bottom line and increase profits. If you have questions on these or other Teluware features please feel free to visit us on the web at or call us at 781-569-2051.

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