Reltima Introduces Release Of “Reltima HOS” For Electronic DOT Driver Logs

We are pleased to announce the release of Reltima HOS – a proprietary GPS fleet management tool that gives truck drivers the ability to complete their DOT driver logs using a mobile data terminal. Using the Reltima SmartAntenna this activity is then transported wirelessly back to the customer’s web-based system management console for review by the appropriate personnel. By using a simple user-interface a driver can easily enter status changes without having to complete the customary handwritten driver log. This gives the driver more time to focus on his/her related job tasks. The system has also proven beneficial in reducing the work hours needed to collect, store and manage these records manually – for later use. The Reltima HOS platform stores data for up to 6 months and will produce reports detailing driver activity and log compliance which may then be exported to MS Excel or printed/saved as a pdf document. The system displays the following key metrics –

  • Clearly defined driver logs with high-resolution graphics
  • Exact addresses and time stamps for status changes
  • On-going compliance status to ensure drivers are driving within the required standards
  • Google maps detailing all driving activity
  • Scrollable logs to ensure inspectors have all required trip information
  • East-to-use interface ensures management and driver cooperation in using the system
This is how the log appears on the Mobile Data Terminal screen

For more information on this and other Reltima GPS fleet management systems please visit us on the web at or call us at 781-569-2051.





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