SmartAntenna – The Ultimate Anti-Theft Device

Some of us have “been there”. Some of us haven’t. For those who “have” remembering the hardships caused by the theft of a fleet vehicle are easy to remember. Police and insurance reports, accounting of missing tools and/or valuables and lost work due to reduced fleet capabilities have hurt both small and large fleet operators alike. In fact, the impact on smaller sized fleets can be much greater as managers scramble to satisfy the current workload when a vehicle and its tools have yet to be recovered and there is insufficient transportation to cover the overload. The Reltima SmartAntenna has been instrumental in the recovery of over $500,000 worth of vehicles and  associated property over the last 4 years. Here’s how. . .

Because of the small size of the SmartAntenna (it’s the size of a credit card) and the high-powered GPS antenna used for tracking purposes the device can easily be installed covertly (usually under the dash). This means there is no evidence of a tracking device in the vehicle. Our fleet tracking software, known as Teluware, allows a user to set alerts when a vehicle leaves a specific area or is towed away. More importantly the system is “always on” so one may receive immediate notification to inform the authorities that a theft is in progress.

At Reltima we recently helped a large client in Compton, CA recover 4 stolen tractor-trailers packed with merchandise. The police were able to easily identify the current location of the trucks and multiple suspects were arrested. Alerts were sent to the appropriate managers to denote suspicious movement and the vehicles were recovered a short time later. The recovery resulted in minimal losses and enabled the company to get the trucks back into the fleet rotation very quickly – negating additional potential losses caused by the inability to transport goods to their customers stores. 

Our GPS tracking and fleet management systems give you all the tools you’ll need to drastically decrease the recovery time of your stolen mobile assets. Many of our clients have also received sizeable negotiated insurance premium discounts due to the increased mobile security our system offers. Please visit us on the web at for more information on these and other systems that can help you locate and manage your fleet more effectively.


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