Key Reltima GPS Fleet Tracking Features That Can Save You Money

Our GPS Fleet Tracking system was specifically designed to reduce fleet expenses with regard to fuel, overtime and operational costs. Our clients have shown us that reducing these expenses by as much as 30% is not out of the ordinary. Here’s how they do it –

  1. Use our Idle Report to manage the behavior of your drivers when they are parked. One hour of idling uses 1.5 gallons of fuel. Some drivers idle their vehicles excessively resulting in thousands of dollars in unnecessary fuel costs. A 10 truck fleet, with just an extra 2 hours of idling per week (per truck) will waste 1,440 gallons of fuel over the course of a year resulting in added fuels costs of $5,256.00.
  2. Use our Route Replay Tool to improve driver performance and review compliance with a vehicle’s pre-set route. This tool allows you to see a play-by-play version of your vehicle’s actual route traveled for the day. This allows you analyze the driver’s activity and suggest more productive ways to get to and from each customer location.
  3. Use our Speeding Report to review events of excessive speeds traveled by your drivers to reduce the likelihood of accidents. This will improve accident experience and reduce insurance costs.
  4. Use our Maintenance Planning System to schedule and record vehicle maintenance which will reduce more expensive repair costs and increase the life of your vehicle. Receive early warning alerts so that service work can be performed on time.
  5. Use our Fleet Summary Report to analyze metrics such as average fleet idle and stop times to drive down fleet costs.

Using our GPS Fleet Tracking System to its full  potential will allow you to increase profit and improve customer service so that you will gain a foot-hold as a top performer in you industry.

Don Lewis

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