Reltima Electronic Driver Logs Ease The Hassle Of Manually Recording DOT Driver Activity

Reltima HOS, an electronic DOT driver log platform, was developed to reduce the workload by both the driver and fleet manager when entering and tracking DOT driver logs. The application has become an important tool  in optimizing the process needed to remain compliant with the Department of Transportation’s driver activity standard. Used in conjunction with our base GPS fleet tracking system this new application opens a whole new market for long-haul trucking companies that need improved DOT driver log management.

Traditionally, the use of paper logs has proved to be a very expensive proposition – from both a time and management perspective. inaccurate logs can lead to costly DOT fines and the manpower needed to track and manage multiple paper logs in large fleets can be expensive and unreliable. additionally poorly managed logs by the driver can lead to excessive driving which can increase the likelihood of accidents and injury. Using the Reltima HOS Electronic Driver Log system makes the process of completing these logs extremely easy. With just a few keystrokes, using an in-cab LCD Mobile Data Terminal or EOBR (electronic on-board recorder), a driver can change his/her driving status and the required data will be posted seamlessly to the log. This eliminates the need to manually find the location data at the time of a status change and enables a clear and accurate picture of the driver’s activity to be available for inspectors on the roadways.

More importantly, the driver activity data and DOT log, entered at the in-cab terminal, is parsed wirelessly to the company account where it can be reviewed and properly managed from any PC with internet access. additional features include the ability to send two-way messages and record toll and fuel purchase information. For more information on this and other Reltima GPS Fleet Tracking solutions please visit us at or call us at 781-569-2051.


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