Reltima Adds New Features in GPS Fleet Tracking Application

We are pleased to announce the addition of several new features which will add to our already robust feature set for tracking and managing commercial fleet vehicles. We continue to strive for excellence in providing the best in GPS fleet management technology and will continue to add functionality at a brisk pace. The new features are as follows –

  • Graphs for Fleet Performance Analysis – Users now have the ability to see fleet metrics such as total stop and idle times as well a fleet averages in a graphical format using colored bar graphs that display vehicle performance against the fleet average for the specified metric. This is viewable in our Fleet Summary Report.
  • Zoom to Scroll – This feature enables a user to zoom in or out on the map by simply scrolling the mouse wheel as opposed to double-clicking and re-centering the map at each new zoom level using the previous zoom method.
  • Totals & Average Time Spent at Saved Locations – System users now have the ability to see the total time spent at a saved location or the actual average time spent at the location over a specified date range. This may be accessed in the Location Retrospective Report.
  • Print Route – Routes and messages constructed and saved in the routing module may now be printed to be given to a driver or dispatcher for reference purposes. Simply click the print icon and the document will print for dissemination.

We will update you on new features that will be deployed shortly and look forward to continuing or efforts to remain the best GPS fleet management value in the marketplace today. Please visit us at for more information.


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