Reltima Releases New “Posted Speed” report

We are very pleased to announce the deployment of our new Posted Speed Limit Report. This report displays critical data in reference to a vehicle’s speed in relation to the current traffic flow and any actual breaches of the actual posted speed limit. The report actually tracks the average speed of the surrounding traffic at any point on the highway and can ascertain actual breaches of the posted speed limit. In the example below you can see columns for the following purposes –

Posted Speed Report Very Large

1. Vehicle Name in top right hand corner.
2. Date – Date and time of activity.
3. Driver – Assigned driver. (In this example the driver was included in the actual vehicle name)
4. Traffic – Speed of surrounding traffic at time of data posting
5. Speed – Speed of vehicle at time of posting
6. Over – MPH over “Posted” or “Traffic” speed (as selected in box shown below next to “Violation Of”)
If the “Posted Speed” designation is selected from the drop-down menu in the box shown below then the MPH shown in the “Over” column will display the amount of MPH the vehicle was traveling over the posted speed limit at the time of the data posting. If the “Traffic” designation was selected from the drop-down menu then the “Over” column will display the amount of MPH the vehicle is traveling above the average speed of of the traffic flow at the time of the data posting.
7-9. Address, City, State – Vehicle location information at the time of data posting.
10. Number of total violations for this vehicle is listed at the bottom right hand side of the entry for this vehicle.

The report also displays violations in 3 darkening shades of red. Pink denotes speed limit or traffic flow breaches of up to 5 mph, light red denotes breaches between 6 and 15 mph and red denotes breaches of over 16 mph.

You may run this report for specific fleet or all trucks as well and you may also choose a date range using the calendar provided. By checking the ‘Show violations only” box you may also choose to see all speed reports or only those where a violation exists. The report below shows all speed data.

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