The Importance of Electronic Driver Logs

Compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Hours of Service (HOS) regulations related to drive and rest times are vitally important in reducing accidents and fatalities that may result from drivers who may be “at the wheel” for too long.  Completing hand-written driver logs can be problematic for the driver as he/she has to take time out of their workday to enter this information manually. Inadvertent errors may occur, putting the driver at risk for an undeserved citation and fine – which can be quite large, to say the least.

Reltima’s HOS Electronic Driver Log application takes most of the work of completing these logs manually out of the driver’s hands – thereby making it easier to focus on the work that needs to be done for the day. A driver simply logs into the system, using a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) clicks the “On Duty” button and the system senses when the vehicle is driving or stopped while still on duty. The MDT then adjusts the driver’s log accordingly. At the end of the day the driver clicks the “Off Duty” button and the log is complete. This information can also be reviewed by a dispatcher or manager on our web-based application at any time and can generate alerts when possible HOS rules violations are about to occur. State boundary crossing are also automatically recorded taking the onus away from the driver to manually log this information.

When it comes to driver log compliance The Reltima HOS Electronic Driver Log system is very helpful in ensuring that drivers operate their motor vehicles within the FMCSA designated rules thereby increasing both driver and pedestrian safety. For more information on the system please visit this link:

For a system demo call Don Lewis @ Reltima GPS Fleet Management Systems (617) 842-4811

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