Reltima Electronic Driver Logs Ease The Hassle Of Manually Recording DOT Driver Activity

Reltima HOS, an electronic DOT driver log platform, was developed to reduce the workload by both the driver and fleet manager when entering and tracking DOT driver logs. The application has become an important tool  in optimizing the process needed to remain compliant with the Department of Transportation’s driver activity standard. Used in conjunction with our base GPS fleet tracking system this new application opens a whole new market for long-haul trucking companies that need improved DOT driver log management.

Traditionally, the use of paper logs has proved to be a very expensive proposition – from both a time and management perspective. inaccurate logs can lead to costly DOT fines and the manpower needed to track and manage multiple paper logs in large fleets can be expensive and unreliable. additionally poorly managed logs by the driver can lead to excessive driving which can increase the likelihood of accidents and injury. Using the Reltima HOS Electronic Driver Log system makes the process of completing these logs extremely easy. With just a few keystrokes, using an in-cab LCD Mobile Data Terminal or EOBR (electronic on-board recorder), a driver can change his/her driving status and the required data will be posted seamlessly to the log. This eliminates the need to manually find the location data at the time of a status change and enables a clear and accurate picture of the driver’s activity to be available for inspectors on the roadways.

More importantly, the driver activity data and DOT log, entered at the in-cab terminal, is parsed wirelessly to the company account where it can be reviewed and properly managed from any PC with internet access. additional features include the ability to send two-way messages and record toll and fuel purchase information. For more information on this and other Reltima GPS Fleet Tracking solutions please visit us at or call us at 781-569-2051.


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Key Reltima GPS Fleet Tracking Features That Can Save You Money

Our GPS Fleet Tracking system was specifically designed to reduce fleet expenses with regard to fuel, overtime and operational costs. Our clients have shown us that reducing these expenses by as much as 30% is not out of the ordinary. Here’s how they do it –

  1. Use our Idle Report to manage the behavior of your drivers when they are parked. One hour of idling uses 1.5 gallons of fuel. Some drivers idle their vehicles excessively resulting in thousands of dollars in unnecessary fuel costs. A 10 truck fleet, with just an extra 2 hours of idling per week (per truck) will waste 1,440 gallons of fuel over the course of a year resulting in added fuels costs of $5,256.00.
  2. Use our Route Replay Tool to improve driver performance and review compliance with a vehicle’s pre-set route. This tool allows you to see a play-by-play version of your vehicle’s actual route traveled for the day. This allows you analyze the driver’s activity and suggest more productive ways to get to and from each customer location.
  3. Use our Speeding Report to review events of excessive speeds traveled by your drivers to reduce the likelihood of accidents. This will improve accident experience and reduce insurance costs.
  4. Use our Maintenance Planning System to schedule and record vehicle maintenance which will reduce more expensive repair costs and increase the life of your vehicle. Receive early warning alerts so that service work can be performed on time.
  5. Use our Fleet Summary Report to analyze metrics such as average fleet idle and stop times to drive down fleet costs.

Using our GPS Fleet Tracking System to its full  potential will allow you to increase profit and improve customer service so that you will gain a foot-hold as a top performer in you industry.

Don Lewis

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SmartAntenna – The Ultimate Anti-Theft Device

Some of us have “been there”. Some of us haven’t. For those who “have” remembering the hardships caused by the theft of a fleet vehicle are easy to remember. Police and insurance reports, accounting of missing tools and/or valuables and lost work due to reduced fleet capabilities have hurt both small and large fleet operators alike. In fact, the impact on smaller sized fleets can be much greater as managers scramble to satisfy the current workload when a vehicle and its tools have yet to be recovered and there is insufficient transportation to cover the overload. The Reltima SmartAntenna has been instrumental in the recovery of over $500,000 worth of vehicles and  associated property over the last 4 years. Here’s how. . .

Because of the small size of the SmartAntenna (it’s the size of a credit card) and the high-powered GPS antenna used for tracking purposes the device can easily be installed covertly (usually under the dash). This means there is no evidence of a tracking device in the vehicle. Our fleet tracking software, known as Teluware, allows a user to set alerts when a vehicle leaves a specific area or is towed away. More importantly the system is “always on” so one may receive immediate notification to inform the authorities that a theft is in progress.

At Reltima we recently helped a large client in Compton, CA recover 4 stolen tractor-trailers packed with merchandise. The police were able to easily identify the current location of the trucks and multiple suspects were arrested. Alerts were sent to the appropriate managers to denote suspicious movement and the vehicles were recovered a short time later. The recovery resulted in minimal losses and enabled the company to get the trucks back into the fleet rotation very quickly – negating additional potential losses caused by the inability to transport goods to their customers stores. 

Our GPS tracking and fleet management systems give you all the tools you’ll need to drastically decrease the recovery time of your stolen mobile assets. Many of our clients have also received sizeable negotiated insurance premium discounts due to the increased mobile security our system offers. Please visit us on the web at for more information on these and other systems that can help you locate and manage your fleet more effectively.


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Reltima Introduces Release Of “Reltima HOS” For Electronic DOT Driver Logs

We are pleased to announce the release of Reltima HOS – a proprietary GPS fleet management tool that gives truck drivers the ability to complete their DOT driver logs using a mobile data terminal. Using the Reltima SmartAntenna this activity is then transported wirelessly back to the customer’s web-based system management console for review by the appropriate personnel. By using a simple user-interface a driver can easily enter status changes without having to complete the customary handwritten driver log. This gives the driver more time to focus on his/her related job tasks. The system has also proven beneficial in reducing the work hours needed to collect, store and manage these records manually – for later use. The Reltima HOS platform stores data for up to 6 months and will produce reports detailing driver activity and log compliance which may then be exported to MS Excel or printed/saved as a pdf document. The system displays the following key metrics –

  • Clearly defined driver logs with high-resolution graphics
  • Exact addresses and time stamps for status changes
  • On-going compliance status to ensure drivers are driving within the required standards
  • Google maps detailing all driving activity
  • Scrollable logs to ensure inspectors have all required trip information
  • East-to-use interface ensures management and driver cooperation in using the system
This is how the log appears on the Mobile Data Terminal screen

For more information on this and other Reltima GPS fleet management systems please visit us on the web at or call us at 781-569-2051.





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Tips On Reducing Fuel Expenses

With current fuel prices hovering around the $4.00 mark any steps that can be taken to reduce fuel costs tend to impact the “bottom line” almost immediately. The following fuel savings tips will help you to add more profit to your company’s income statement by reducing fuel expenses.

  • Reduce unnecessary idling as much as possible. Every hour of idling wastes approximately 1.5 gallons of fuel.
  • Reduce high-speed travel. Fuel consumption increases almost 1.5% for every mile an hour over 50 mph.  Wind drag increases exponentially as a vehicle’s speed increases. At 65 mph a vehicle uses almost 10% more fuel for the same distance traveled at 55 mph.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Tires underinflated by 10 PSI can lose as much as 1.3 miles per gallon of gas.
  • Avoid “Jack Rabbit” starts. Accelerating more smoothly can save on fuel consumption while decreasing toxic emissions.
  • Maintain your vehicles properly. Timely tune-ups, oil changes and tire rotations all help to reduce fuel consumption and excessive emissions.

For a full review on how the Teluware GPS Fleet Management application can reduce your fleet expenses please visit us on the web at

Don Lewis

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Teluware GPS Fleet Management System User Tips

Using your Teluware GPS fleet tracking system to its fullest potential can help to reduce fleet expenses by as much as 30% per month. The following tips may be helpful if you are currently using the system and looking to find alternative ways to increase your fleet efficiency.

  • Use “Manage Email Reports” – Using this feature will save you the time and effort of running reports on a recurring basis. If your payroll is processed on Tuesday (with Wednesday as payday) and you normally run the Begin/End Day report to check the start and finish times of each mobile employee simply use the “Manage Email Reports” function to have the report sent to your inbox automatically. Simply open the report you would like to have emailed, then click the “Manage Email Reports” button, then click “New” and then select the parameters for this report. You may select the number of prior days, weeks or months you would like to see data for and you can then select the day/time you would like to receive this report. Then click save. Using this feature ensures that you receive your data in a timely fashion and also eliminates the need for you to remember to run the report.
  • Query Entry & Exit Points of Multiple Saved Locations Using Location Retrospective Report – Using this report allows you to see entry and exit activity to multiple saved locations at the same time. To do this select the Location Retrospective Report then in the filters box on the left click the locations you wish to see the activity from. You may query as many location entries as you like and they will be displayed in the report.
  • Use The Fleet Summary Report to Check Average Idle and Stop Times – Using this report will give you the data you need to see if you are reducing idle times (which can slash fuel expenses) and decreasing average stop times (which can reduce man hours spent in the field and the associated payroll). Monitoring these metrics will help you to perform the appropriate action in managing this behavior. Some of our existing clients have enacted reward programs for their fleet’s lowest monthly idle times which have resulted in quantifiable reductions in fuel expenses.
  • Use The Maintenance Module’s Early Warning Service Alerts – This an under-utilized tool in our system that allows you to receive multiple early warning alerts for vehicle service due. When adding a new service in the Maintenance module simply use the scheduling tool to receive email alerts for upcoming services due. These alerts can be timed to be sent at specified intervals preceding the actual service for metrics such as x number of miles, days or engine hours. Maintenance performed in a timely fashion goes a long way in helping to increase the road-life of your vehicle.

Using these features will help to improve your bottom line and increase profits. If you have questions on these or other Teluware features please feel free to visit us on the web at or call us at 781-569-2051.

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Use Fleet MD Engine Diagnostics to Find Vehicle Powertrain Problems

We would like your input on a new device we have that can send engine diagnostic/fault codes and inspection pass/fail status from your trucks back to your PC over a wireless network. Read on for more details . . .

Discovering potential engine problems before bringing your fleet vehicles to the shop can prove to be a great cost saver when managing engine repairs. Using Reltima’s Fleet MD diagnostic module can enable a user to see critical data pertaining to engine performance and can arm managers with the knowledge needed to point an automotive technician to the problem – right away. This can drastically reduce repair costs related to diagnostic processes performed at the shop. Reltima uses a special plug-in that connects to the SmartAntenna tracking device and then plugs into the vehicle’s OBD II computer. Any engine diagnostic/fault codes or inspection pass/fail status changes that are triggered are sent to a report module in our Teluware fleet tracking system where they can be reviewed in several detailed reports. These metrics can help you to make engine repairs faster and allow a user to know what the problem may be before going in for repairs.

Our questions to you are – Is this a system you would find useful in your efforts to manage your fleet? If so would you be interested in piloting a version of this system at no charge to you in one of your trucks? If not, what would you like to see in a system like this to make it more useful to you? Please post your thoughts here or feel free to call me – Don Lewis at 617-842-4811.

For more info on this and other Reltima products and systems visit us on the web at

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Using GPS-Based Vehicle Maintenance Planning Helps To Extend The Life Of Your Trucks

Planning and tracking vehicle maintenance services has always been the proverbial “thorn in the side” of business owners and fleet managers at all levels of the transportation spectrum. Relying on the input of vehicle mileage or engine hours of operation from drivers or mobile technicians has proven to be extremely unreliable as they normally get distracted by the functions of their day-to-day duties – resulting in the late reporting or even total loss of these metrics. Missed oil changes and tune-ups, untimely tire rotations and poor inspection practices can invariably lead to diminished operational capacity and reduced vehicle life. This can get very expensive as the cost to perform more costly repairs related to poor service planning and the need to replace vehicles earlier than normal begin to escalate.

Using the Reltima maintenance planning module, housed in the Teluware GPS Fleet Management application, will allow a user to schedule maintenance service points such as oil changes, tire rotations, engine/brake inspections and other user-defined services so that they are completed on time – thereby improving the operation of your fleet vehicles and decreasing the need for more costly repairs. Additionally the system will automatically count the miles between service points and update you as to the timeliness of the upcoming service. This eliminates the need to ask your drivers to submit mileage and travel logs to keep track of the distance to the next oil change or other service due. This valuable system tool will also send early warning messages, via email or text message, to alert personnel that the service will be coming due at a date or time in the future.

Think of what it would it would be like to have a maintenance planning system that tells you whenever your fleet vehicles need service. Reducing the occurrence of missed oil changes and tune-ups will go a long way in ensuring that a company’s vehicles will last longer. And the improved mechanical upkeep of the fleet will contribute to the process of getting your drivers and equipment to and from each customer location in a timely fashion – while increasing the safety of the trip to the highest degree.

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Guiliano Carting Sees Substanial Decrease in Fleet Expenses With GPS Tracking From Reltima

Mike Guiliano of Guiliano Carting in Sayerville, NJ had a problem that is all too common in the trash collection and hauling industry. How does a manager reroute a truck in near real-time and get accurate directions to a driver as he/she works throughout the day? Mike enlisted the aid of Teluware, LLC – a registered Reltima dealer – to provide a GPS tracking solution that will accurately locate his trucks, provide essential reports to make critical management decisions but most importantly interface with a Garmin navigation device to send existing and new route stops to the driver while displaying turn-by-turn directions. After a critical success factor analysis it was suggested that Guiliano pilot the Reltima Driver/Dispatch System – a real-time tracking and fleet management application with integrated routing and dispatch. After testing the system and its performance Guiliano decided to outfit his fleet of 13 trucks with the Driver/Dispatch System and has been extremely satisfied ever since.

We were extremely interested in a GPS tracking system with integrated routing and dispatch but until now had not found a suitable vendor that could work with our Garmin navigation devices.” stated Guiliano. “The ability to have my dispatcher keep trucks off of restricted roads is really helpful and now we can send directions to new employees who don’t know the area – which cuts down on time spent searching for addresses.” Mike also emphasized that it was Reltima’s ability to work in tandem with the Garmin fleet management application that enabled him to be comfortable going forward with the project. “We knew Garmin was a reputable name in the industry and that gave us the assurance we needed to know that the technology would work to our specifications.”

The Reltima Driver/Dispatch system with Garmin navigation interface has gone a long way in decreasing Guiliano’s fleet expenses. “With less time spent looking for addresses our drivers complete their routes faster and this cuts down on payroll. It also eliminates the need to constantly talk on the phone in order to give directions to the driver. Using the system has made things easier for everyone involved. The bottom line is that we have reduced our expenses and look to save even more as we continue to use the system.” For more info on this and other Reltima GPS Fleet Management Systems please visit us on the web at or call us at 781-569-2051.

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Reltima Routing Tools Help Reduce Mobile Call Response Time

Improving mobile call response times are essential to reducing your fleet expenses and building a better customer service reputation. Without adequate mapping and routing tools sending your mobile tech to their next job may amount to little more than throwing a dart at a dart board.  Finding the nearest vehicle to a new call can be a time consuming process if a GPS tracking system is not in place. If a mobile employee gets lost on the way to a call this results in increased operational expenses in the form of additional fuel for the longer trip, extended wear and tear on the vehicle’s power train and increased man hours needed for the extra time to find the customer location. Reltima gives you the following tools to optimize your fleet dispatch operations – resulting in lower overhead and increased fleet profitability:

  • Find Closest Vehicle FeatureThis feature gives a user the ability to enter a new address in the system and see which company vehicle is closest to that address. This eliminates the need to spend extra time calling mobile employees individually to see who is nearest to the address.
  • Driver/Dispatch Routing Our Driver/Dispatch system allows a dispatcher to send a route of stops or a single stop to a Garmin navigation device located in the vehicle. This information appears on the screen and when acknowledged by the driver gives turn-by-turn directions to each stop on the route. The dispatcher may then use the dispatch progress function to track the driver as he/she moves through the list of stops. This feature ensures that your mobile employees will not get lost – thereby reducing the average travel time to a new call.
  • AlertsThe Teluware GPS Fleet Tracking system from Reltima also gives a user the ability to receive alerts based on specific vehicle triggered events such as Saved Location Entry/Exit and Extended Stop or Idle time. These tools allow you to manage a driver’s progress though a route in a more timely manner. If an alert is received for an Extended Stop a user may then call the driver to see what the hold up is and what corrective action needs to be taken. If a Saved Location Entry Alert is received it may signal unauthorized driver activity that may take time away from completing the route on time. Using these alerts has resulted in substantial reductions in call response time for our existing customers.
  • Google TrafficBy using real-time Google traffic the Teluware GPS Fleet Management System gives a dispatcher the ability to re-route vehicles around traffic congestion points and alert drivers to traffic problems so that potential delays can be minimized.

Using these tools can go a long way in improving call response times and in helping build increased customer satisfaction in the competitive marketplace. For more information visit us on the web at or call us at 781-569-2051.

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